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USA Hockey Rule Changes Summary

2017 USA Hockey Annual Congress Summary (as put together by Janice Cavaretta)
June 10, 2017

Proposals Summary Overview
I. 198 Major Rule Change proposals submitted: 78 CARRIED: 114 DEFEATED: 3 SUBMITTED LATE
II. 38 Junior: 3 CARRIED (Housekeeping): 36 CARRIED: 2 DEFEATED
III. 6 Housekeeping: 6 CARRIED
IV. 4 Separate consideration: 3 CARRIED 1 FAILED
V. 3 Legislative:
a) Waiver for NY District girls Tier 1 teams: CARRIED
b) Future consideration for Tier I waiver approval through Youth council: CARRIED
c) Coaching education program: CARRIED (outlined below)

Major Rule Change Proposals of Interest
Proposal #68 CARRIED clarifies language for racial/ethnic slur to include any language that is “offensive, hateful or discriminatory in nature anywhere in the rink, before, during or after a game”
Proposal #97 CARRIED Establish consistency with other rules governing bodies by requiring All face-offs to be conducted at one of the nine face-off spots.
Proposal # 128 CARRIED Eliminates the ability of a shorthanded team to legally ice the puck for the 14U age classification and below.
Proposal # 148 DEFEATED: Would have eliminated tag-up at the 14u level of play
Proposal # 156 CARRIED Establishes overtime possibilities as 5 V 5, 4 V 4 or 3 V 3 and restricts the use of 2 V 2 AND 1 V 1 in USAH sanctioned games
Proposal Coaching Education Program CARRIED: several modifications:
1. Requires all coaches to have the age appropriate module prior to participation (coaches will not be allowed on a roster without age module for team they are coaching).
2. CEP level: coaches can only attend one clinic per year. Once level 3 is achieved coaches of a National Bound team (Tier 1 age levels 14u, 15 only, 16u and 18u) and Tier 2 (16u, 18u and 19u girls) must complete the level 4 in their first season of eligibility regardless of expiration date.
3. Coaches with any expired certification will retain their previous certification levels provided the certification can be verified. Coaches will enter the certification system at that previous level and be subject to the certification guidelines outlined.
4. Requires the local associations to take responsibility and identify those coaches who do not meet the certification requirements. All coaches have until December 31 of the current season, or earlier date as established by the district and/or affiliate to attend a USAH Hockey coaching clinic.
5. Specifies the penalty for not meeting CEP Requirements and proper certifications. Coaches not properly certified will be ineligible to coach for the remainder of the season. Districts and affiliates will be responsible along with the local association registering the team to enforce the national and district policy
6. Continues Safesport and Screening policies: Failure to comply with SafeSport and Screening policies will result in forfeiture of coaching privileges in programs, sites or events under USAH governance.
Housekeeping #1 CARRIED cleans up language that the team roster 1-T form shall not be effective until the date it is approved by the official District Registrar or Associate Registrar through the USAH Portal.

NOTE: Credentials: the CODE OF CONDUCT and CONSENT TO TREAT are no longer required by USAH.
Housekeeping #3 CARRIED clarifies that any misconduct penalty applies towards the 2nd misconduct rule. “A player who receives their second misconduct penalty (for any rule infraction) during the same game shall be assessed a game misconduct penalty in lieu of the second misconduct penalty.”
General notes on Major Rule Change Proposals that CARRIED
Proposals 1 – 8 cleans up rink language to be consistent with STAR specifications
Proposal #16 Moves language pertaining to substitution of Goal Keeper from this rule to Rule 205 that deals with Change of Players.
Proposal #18 Outlines the line change process during stoppages to distinguish between line changes and face off procedures
Proposal #20 & 21B clarifies language that prohibits a team from having too many players on the ice and when a substitute goalkeeper can return.
Proposal #26 & 27 protective equipment on HECC approved helmets to be worn as intended unaltered and the removal of the player from the game until corrected
Proposal #35 deletes language requiring the electronic device being used illegally to be removed
Proposal #51 Adds aggressive infraction of grabbing the facemask to the progressive suspension rule
Proposal #57 Add procedure and provisions for four-official system if one official becomes incapacitated
Proposal #60 adds language consistent to other rule books under the minor penalty option for unsportsmanlike conduct assessed to players that Challenge or disputes the rulings of any official.
Proposal #64 moves language from NOTE calling for bench minor to be assessed for a team official or unidentified player on he bench for unsportsmanlike conduct or disputing the ruling of an official
Proposal #75, 79, 81, 82, 83, 89, 96, 105, 110, 116, 117, 120, 124, 125, 133, 136, 138, 139, 152, 153, 157, 158, clearly defines: Boarding, body checking, broken stick, butt ending, charging, CFB, crosschecking, elbowing, fighting, fouled from behind, head butting, head contact, high sticks, holding and opponent, hooking, interference, kicking opponent or puck, kneeing, leaving players bench or penalty bench, slashing, spearing, tripping/clipping/leg checking, unnecessary roughness (roughing), in their appropriate rule designation.
Proposal #86 Checking from Behind adds note at the beginning of the rule to clearly define CFB. Adds language that outlines criteria for calling a match penalty for CFB
Proposal #99 & 103 Faceoff locations: calls for an attacking zone FO when puck deflects out of play off a cross bar or goal post and dealing with rule 205
Proposal #104 clarifies falling on the puck and note on the use of the hands in the process of blocking a shot

Proposal #108 fighting cleans up language pertaining to helmet removal during an altercation and eliminates adult exception. “A game misconduct penalty (for all age classifications) shall be assessed to any player whose actions during an altercation causes the removal of an opponent’s helmet and facemask. The player or goalkeeper shall be suspended for his team’s next two scheduled games. This two game suspension is in addition to any other required suspensions incurred during the same incident. A game misconduct penalty (for all age classifications) shall be assessed to any player who doesn’t wear his helmet/facemask as designed and the helmet/facemask is removed during an altercation.”
Proposal #112 clarifies disallowing a goal because of an infraction reported to the referee
Proposal #113 includes language that specifies the referee has final decision on goals scored at the end of each period
Proposal #167, 169-173, 175-193, 195 cleans glossary terminology
Proposal #141 adds adults to language prohibiting a team from intentionally placing fewer players on the ice and the player coming off the bench is the first to touch the puck
Proposal #143 adds sentence clarifying that the position of the stick has no effect on an off-side play.
Proposal #151 modernizes the language pertaining to protective shielding surrounding playing area


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