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Buffalo Stars Youth Spotlight Player of the Week

Our Buffalo Stars Youth Spotlight Player of the week ending February 5th is Jason Lindhurst of the U16 team.

Name:  Jason Lindhurst   
Age:  16    
Height:  6’ 2”
Weight:  168 lbs
Position:  Forward (Center)
Hometown:  North Tonawanda High School
Grade in School:   11th
Favorite Subject:   Science
Career Interest:  Within the Medical Field (Physician’s Assistant)
Favorite NHL Player: Jack Eichel
Favorite College Team: Michigan State Spartans
Favorite Hobbies: Video Games, Watching Highlights from the NHL
Favorite Food:  Ketchup Potato Chips
Favorite Music: I like a little bit of everything, mostly pop
Favorite Movie: Saving Private Ryan
Favorite TV Show: The Office  
Nickname: Lindy/Chief
Favorite Super Hero: Spiderman
Role Model and why: Sam Reinhart because he’s extremely smart and can control the game at his pace, has excellent vision with the puck, and is a great net front presence on the power play.
Your Personal Hero and why: My Father, as he is a kind, caring, and intelligent individual who is fun to be around and I strive to be like him every day.
Other sports you play:  Soccer, Golf
What are your goals for this season:  Become noticed by a college or junior scout and develop my game to be able to play at a higher level of hockey.

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